Autoclave MC-3032 series

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MCS-3032 series

Max. Sterilizing temperature is 150℃

The Max. Temperature of each model are 150℃ (MC-3032S) and 145℃ (MC-3032L).
Suitable for the sterilization required with a high temperature and the material evaluation test in a high-temperature range which cannot be done by standard autoclaves.

MC-3032 series

Microprocessor controlled

Uses a process display that allows you to see the progress at a glance.
A bright indicator bar shows the status of the sterilization process during operation.

  • Function 1 . Equipped with a warming-dissolving function.
    The agar can be kept warmed at a set temperature after the sterilization process by which you can use sterilized agar always with the best condition.
  • Function 2. Auto exhaust function to prevent items from bumping.
    The setting of the auto exhaust function enables to prevent items from bumping by the auto exhaust after sterilization.
  • Function 3. Calendar reservation type start timer
    Built-in calendar function that can reserve the operation start time by month, day, hour and minute.
    You can set it before the end of work, start it before coming to work the next day or after a holiday, and take out the items to be sterilized immediately after starting work.

Heat insulation cover for the lid

The heat insulation cover for the lid prevents the operator from directory touching the lid which becomes hot during operation.

Optional accessories / functions

A variety of optional accessories and functions are introduced.