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Yes, let's start a retort food business!

Among the many packaged foods such as canned foods and bottled foods, Retort foods (Ready-to-eat meals) sealed with aluminum pouches are now in the spotlight.

These are produced by placing pre-cooked food in a pouch or container. This is hermetically sealed and Thanks to the sterilization under high pressure at around 120°C (250°F), a sterilization process that permits storage at room temperature for about three months to one year without preservatives.

Our retort autoclaves can do this sterilization.
We have 3 models of retort autoclaves according to the purpose of use.

Why don't you think infection disease measures?

Triggered by the recent epidemic of new viral infections, infectious diseases are becoming more common in various social situations therefore Immediate action is required.

-Standalone, Vertical & Large capacity, and easy operation

The CLM series, developed as a medical autoclave that requires high reliability and safety may be one of the solution against these problems.